Pre Occupancy Services

Agreement of Sale:

The Agreement of sale is made between the first parties M/s. SRC CONSTRUCTIONS PVT.LTD here in after called Vendors and the second party the purchaser here in called vendee. The agreement will be done as per the existing construction laws and the company’s well defined procedures. The entire process will take place at the company office.

Payment Schedule:

The payment schedules are in tune with progress of the project and construction schedules which are indicated in the construction agreement.


As per the purchaser’s need and request the customization of the apartment will be accepted by the builder for small changes only on payment of minimum costs incurred for these changes. The customization will be accepted only for internal changes.


The registration will be done to the prospective purchaser once the full payment is received by the builder.

Possession procedure:

The completed apartment is now ready for use. After completion of registration and other formalities, the purchaser can take a possession letter from the builder and acknowledging the same as token of acceptance.

Acceptance letter:

The purchaser after collecting a possession letter will give a satisfaction/acceptance letter at the project office saying that he/she is satisfied with his/her finished apartment in all respects

Customer Care Department:

The entire process as said above will be assisted and looked after by very effective customer care department of SRC CONSTRUCTIONS PVT.LTD. The services of this department can be felt by each individual in the “Total Buying Process” of an apartment.